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About SlipStream Social Media

SlipStream Social Media is fully operated by a Graduate of Grantham University, whose unique, yet professional style has created a spiral of opportunities, from music and fashion design to strategic business advertising. SlipStream Social Media strives to create edgy, progressive visuals, while maintaining an aspect of classic simplicity.



What SlipStream Social Media Can Do For You


The expertise of marketing and advertising provided by the SlipStream Social Media is to understand and commit to the current aggressive standards of a successful brand image.  Whether it be print campaigns, web design, press and/or news release, social media management, or direct response advertising, SlipStream Social Media is who you, or your business, need for top-of-the-line representation in today’s market. In addition to distinguished knowledge of advertising and marketing, SlipStream Social Media also provides one of a kind, iconic media, which maintains an identity of individuality and stands apart from the various generic designers who currently over-flood the creative marketing field.

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